Reduce your management and investment costs.

Improve your services and infrastructure with our equipment and extended support.

Computer Rental

We provide laptops, desktop computers and other I.T. equipment for your hired personnel in Brazil.

Our goal is to simplify and reduce your I.T. and rented hardware management costs, providing our agile, secure and flexible rental and maintenance for all your rented hardware.

Time and investment benefits

Pay for our services in BRL by Brazilian Boleto, or in EUR by bank transfer to our subsidiary in Portugal.

Fully equip your Brazilian hirees with up-to-date hardware without compromising your budget.

Long-term contracts for your short and long-term hardware needs. Move your hardware between your Brazilian hirees while we fully handle the security, logistics and inventory management.

The main benefit is lowering the costs involved in the acquisition, logistics and maintenance of your I.T. assets.

Simplify your I.T. management for Brazilian hirees

SLA of 1 business day for both hardware and software issues, simplifying your I.T. management and avoiding any unforeseen expenses.

To add in convenience to our costumers, we offer insurance and Microsoft Office at cost price, billed along with the other services in a month-to-month basis.

Renting gives you flexibility to increase or decrease your I.T. assets to meet short-term requirements for your company’s projects, saving time and giving you control over your budget.

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What are your prices?

Besides the prices displayed in our pricing page, we offer some additional services, such as:

  • Full delivery logistics for your employees working from home;
  • Microsoft Office activation at cost-price on demand, charged alongside your recurring services;
  • Insurance at cost-price charged alongside your recurring services;
  • Nation-wide delivery through second-party logistics;
  • On-site technician for your event.

Contact us through any channel to receive a formal proposal.

How does the hiring work?

Request a quote by form or live chat, and we will send you a formal proposal for your company approval as soon as possible.

If you wish to proceed with the rental:

  • Brazilian companies should fill out the registration form sent with the proposal.
  • For companies outside Brazil, we will ask some quick operational data you can send us by email.

The rental contract can be signed digitally. With the confirmation of receipt of the first monthly payment, the equipment will be shipped on the scheduled date.

How does the support work?

We offer hardware and software support.

To request technical support, use our form under Contact > Support Request, send an e-mail to, or call us. Our SLA is 1 business day, with transparency throughout the entire process.

What is included in the rental?

Delivery and retrieval logistics, installation and dismantling of ready for use equipment, at your company’s office, or at your collaborators’ residence. Technical support for hardware and software of the rented equipment.

What are the working hours of

We work on business days, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:30 BRT.

You can still request quotes and support outside of business hours, our SLA is of 1 work day.

What is's service area?

We cover all Brazilian territory from our offices in the capitals of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Talk to us

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