Laptop for Hire rents laptops and other I.T. equipment for your Brazilian personnel or company.

Our goal is to simplify and reduce your I.T. and rented hardware management costs, providing our agile, secure and flexible rental and maintenance for all your rented hardware.

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Laptop Rental

Notebooks can perform as well as computers, without giving up mobility and ease of transportation. Take your work with you wherever you want.

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What is included in the notebook rental?

Delivery and retrieval logistics, installation and dismantling of ready for use equipment, at your company’s office, or at your collaborators’ residence. Technical support for hardware and software of the rented equipment.

How does notebook rental work?

Request a quote by form or live chat, and we will send you a formal proposal for your company approval as soon as possible.If you wish to proceed with the rental:

  • Brazilian companies should fill out the registration form sent with the proposal.
  • For companies outside Brazil, we will ask some quick operational data you can send us by email.

The rental contract can be signed digitally. With the confirmation of receipt of the first monthly payment, the equipment will be shipped on the scheduled date.

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The laptop rental prices are based on common configurations for work. We buy and assemble equipment to meet your business needs.

The final rental price is calculated according to the configuration and quantity of equipment. The individual cost of each piece of equipment is lower on long-term contracts.